Demo Environment & Free Trial
In 2015, I completely redesigned the SugarCRM demo infrastructure from concept to production, leading the efficiency gains of 8 FTE saved (for a team of 24 Sales Engineers). The Demo Environment is a strategic asset that enables the Sales team and partners to easily demonstrate to a prospect a highly customized demo. The Demo Environment covers all the product offer (that runs on different technology stacks). Each demo can target a country. Thus a German instance will comes full 100% German data (names, adressses, emails, phones, geolocation) and can get a vertical industry flavor. Furthermore, we added tons of features to help the user in his daily job: spin off an instance, take a backup, make a clone, share the instance, deploy add-ons from a software catalog, dev ops tools to write and debug the code, instance deletion and restore, etc.
I lead a team that looks after the maintenance, ongoing improvements, new enhancements and users support. Our users are based in every region (NA, LATAM, EMEA, APAC) and need a reactive support. Downtimes are not an option during the business hours, which means Monday to Friday 24h a day.
I worked on the software design and have a perfect knowledge how to set up this kind of architecture, whatever the technical stack is.

Free Trial
Free Trial is the ability to test drive a software solution before buying. I am looking after the Free Trial environment at SugarCRM. In 2018, it was the largest lead source with the best lead to opportunity conversion rate. I worked on a revamp project to increase the conversion rate, making the UX slick.
After 12 weeks, the conversion rate was improved by 1.8x.


CRM Expert

CRM expert.
I bring 13 years of expertise in CRM.

I worked 3.5 years as a Technical Architect on the Professional Services team from 2008 to 2012. During that time, Salesforce was just starting making business in EMEA. I delivered 100+ enterprise projects for Air France Cargo, Bel, AXA, BNPP, Allianz, Air Liquide, Apec, GDF-Suez,, SFR, Schneider Electric.
I enabled and supported our first partners in France (Cap Gemini, Accenture, Deloitte, CGI) doing their ramp up on the solution.
Certifications: Spring’16 (ADM-201 / ADM-301 / DEV-401 / DEV-501 / Sales Cloud)

I have been 10 years at SugarCRM. The first 5 years I started as a Principal Sales Engineer and Evangelist. I worked with the EMEA sales team selling our solution accross EMEA (France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Serbia, Spain, Germany and Egypt).
My others responsibilities included training partners and customers, wrote competitive materials; I was a certified speaker and could talk publicly to the press on the behalf of the company.
In september 2015, the SVP Global Sales asked me to design from scratch a new demo environment. We delivered the first version in only 3 months.
Certifications: SugarCRM Sales & Implementation.

I am leading a team of 6 developers/architects based in Romania (nearshore). The team is heavily involved and committed because I created a safe environment that protects them from the external stress. I am keen on engaging with each individual, mentoring and helping the person getting relevant tasks for his career growth.
On a daily basis, I am engaged with various teams internally: Sales, pre Sales, Sales Enablement, Customer Success, Product Management, Engineering, Support, Product Marketing, Cloud Operations, IT, Training, legal, etc. which provides me a full understanding of the company's procedures. My colleagues are located in various regions: USA, Mexico, Australia, UK, Germany, France, etc. I love this multicultural environment. In addition, I am working with our partners ecosystem: resellers, ISV, OEM and System Integration. Those partners are located all over the globe which makes the experience unique.